In this section detail ducuments can be found that will help you to equip the cockpit of your model.




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Vought F4U Corsair 1/4 scale

Vought F4U Corsair  scale 1/4
This is to show a sample of our team´s work. Aeroteam´s products are not only intended to equip RC models. Using an instrument panel construction kit, made by Aeroteam, a handy model builder will be able to conjure up, for example, a nice gift for a model enthusiast. A period photography has been used as a pattern for this kit.
The basis for this sample has been the instrument panel construction kit No. 3026-4, which has been completed with our own accessories. The instrument panel has been provided with some more screws, Cat. No. 2011-4 Set of imitation screws for instruments, as seen in background documents. This instrument panel has been veneered. As a primer aluminium colour was used and scrapes were imitated, applying the modelling scrapping method. The dirty look was reached, using model-building pigments of various tints.


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